Overcrowding in Public Schools

"Waste in school facility construction, Bond Damage Control"
March 11, 2004

The passage of Proposition 55, the Facilities Bond Act of 2004, is bad news for Californians. But there are ways legislators can mitigate the damage.Proposition 55 passed by a meager 50.6 percent, with fewer that 57,000 out of more than five million votes in favor. (81 kb)

"Vouchers would Solve Crowding Woes" by Shirley Svorny, California State University, Northridge The Daily News of Los Angeles, October 28, 2001
Faced with rising enrollments, the Los Angeles Unified School District has plans to build more than 80 new schools in the next six years. Seats for 63,000 students are at stake.
It is unlikely that the LAUSD, with its track record of bad decisions and slow action, can pull off the timely construction of 80 schools. . (193 kb)

"Reviving education As new students crowd the classrooms, bold measures are needed"
by Alan Bonsteel, M.D. and Michael Rothschild, Orange County Register, June 8, 1999

Five years ago we published a guest editorial in many of California's daily newspapers warning that California's school-aged population would explode  by one-third over the following 10 years. At the  halfway  point in that prediction,  our K-12  population has  zoomed 11  percent. (130 kb)

Education Revolt in
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