Robert C. Arne, M.A., M.Litt. San Jose

Robert C. Arne, M.A., M.Litt., Headmaster, was a Ph.D. Candidate and published author in history at the University of Chicago. As a gifted grammar school student, Robert was bored with classes and disruptive until his parents placed him in an excellent private school in Oakland, Head-Royce, where he thrived. He took an interest in laissez-faire capitalism, Objectivism and Austrian economics from an early age, and he came to love Milton Friedman's case for vouchers and tax credits from the time he first read it at U.C. Berkeley. He hopes to prove the usefulness of these libertarian perspectives in a grand alliance for educational choice.

Robert graduated from U.C. Berkeley and graduated with degrees in history, political economy and an individual major in the Social Sciences. He then obtained a M.Litt. from a world-class University organized on tutorial principles: Oxford, England. He holds a M.A. from the University of Chicago for a thesis that probes the influence upon modern professional society of a great champion of individual liberty and educational choice: Herbert Spencer. He taught history and English in five Midwestern universities before deciding that he preferred working in an entrepreneurial setting to the corporate and highly-politicized setting of universities.

Robert has taught all subjects in San Jose area high schools: he managed reform school boys as well as students of elite academies. More than anything, he loves great books and ideas; thus, he teaches World Civilizations, American history and literature to regular and Advanced Placement classes. In elite after-school classes, he has helped children as young as eighth grade to obtain college credit.

Robert and his life-long partner and spouse, Suzanne, blaze new paths for independent professionals in their own school. At The School of Choice (, they teach critical and creative thinking as it is best taught: in small seminars with great books. Sympathetic to classical and Montessori methods, they raise students to higher standards of creativity and interdependence daily. They also assist hundreds of homeschoolers to achieve or retain their independence from government.

Mr. Arne assisted with the Proposition 38 campaign and published articles supporting vouchers and educational freedom. He now works to build an alliance of organizations allied to CPEC, which can defend education from further regulation and extend freedom to both parents and industry participants. Though he represents Libertarian or Republican Liberty elements of the school choice movement, he favors cooperation with any person or organization willing to extend school choice. School choice is not just a matter of efficiency or improved social equity; it is an essential freedom of the mind as necessary to free society as freedom of speech or the press.

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical."
---Thomas Jefferson, 1779

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