Peter joins the California Parents for Educational Choice with more than 25 years of specialized experience analyzing and solving complex domestic and international business and public policy issues in diverse industries such as health care, computers, logistics, and natural resources. With a strong background in sales and marketing, project management, and public policy, he has consistently developed a strategic vision and action plan for the most challenging markets and policy arenas.

Peter has a long held interest in education and for five years taught senior economics as a Junior Achievement business volunteer at high schools on the San Francisco Peninsula. He was active on the Proposition 38 School Choice campaign and on Oakland's Measure A to support school bonds. His recent essay, "Toward an Educational System for the Knowledge Economy," calls for a more active business role in K-12 reform. He was elected to the Governing Board of the San Mateo Union High School District in November 2001 on a strong reform platform. His education articles are available on his personal website,

Among his latest projects are the creation of a strategic plan for the new Bay Area World Trade Center, and an extensive analysis and evaluation of the Community Development Block Grant program in Oakland. From 1994-2000, Peter was a director with the Institute for the Future, a leading strategic planning consulting firm serving U.S. and international corporations. He founded and led a major project for four years to assist firms in North America and Europe in understanding the Internet economy and building an e-commerce strategy. Peter also headed a comprehensive analysis of critical drivers and key trends in the electric power industry's ten most important customer groups, including education. Previously, he was a primary director and co-author of "The Future of America's Research-Intensive Industries," which became a centerpiece for a White House conference on the role of government in research. The United Nations Universal Postal Union's World Congress invited him as a featured speaker in Beijing, China in 1999.

Early in his career Peter was a staff investigator for the U.S. House of Representative's oversight subcommittee on housing, labor, and antipoverty programs. He organized the California Health Care Institute, was Vice President for The Economist of London's Business International, and held senior level positions with Syntex and Hewlett-Packard. He also served as commercial attaché in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China.

Peter holds an M.A. in international affairs from The George Washington University and a B.A. in political science from the University of Oregon. He serves on the Advisory Boards of the Commonwealth Club of California and WildAid, an international organization to stop illegal poaching. Earlier he was a co-founder of the World Forum of Silicon Valley. Peter resides in San Mateo.

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