William Loughman, JD, Berkeley

William Loughman

William Loughman (pronounced 'Lockmun') is a Berkeley attorney who has followed education-related issues at the local, national, and international levels for the past decade. He has a particular interest in Constitutional issues involving education and has written several articles concerning the constitutionality of the Cleveland parental choice - voucher program currently under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. He has functioned as a legal adviser to California Parents for Educational Choice for several years, particularly on constitutional issues. He has headed several state-wide and local studies on judicial efficiency, frivolous litigation, and punitive damages on behalf of various groups involved with legal system reform.

Mr. Loughman is also a Special Fellow with the Pacific Research Institute, as well as a Program Director of the East Bay Dinner Committee of the local regional Chapter of the Sierra Club. In addition to his practice of law, which focuses on assisting other attorneys primarily with analysis of liability and medical issues, Mr. Loughman works as an adjunct professor of law at John F. Kennedy University School of Law in Walnut Creek.

Mr. Loughman received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. He also holds a Masters Degree in International Business from Saint Mary's College of California.

A native of New York and New England, Mr. Loughman has lived in the Berkeley area for the past 35 years. He is an avid backpacker, photographer, and devotee of classical music, philosophy, and economics, and he has yet to come across any person, setting, condition, development, expression, or phenomenon in life that he does not find fascinating, with the possible exception of rap music.

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