Laura D. Head, Ph. D., Oakland

Laura Head, Ph.D. is a professor in the Black Studies Department at San Francisco State University. She earned her doctorate at the University of Michigan in developmental psychology, a masters degree in sociology at the University of Michigan and a bachelors degree in psychology from San Francisco State College.

Dr. Head has taught at San Francisco State University since 1978. She has also taught at the University of California at Riverside, Antioch College West, the Wright Institute, and the Army Education Center in San Francisco; and has been involved with educational improvement efforts in the San Francisco Unified School District through the Learning Bridge Project and the Bilingual Teachers Training Institute.

As an active speaker in favor of Proposition 174, the voucher initiative, and against Proposition 209, which sought to end affirmative action in California, Dr. Head has addressed numerous community groups, including churches, non-profit organizations, schools and businesses. She also has extensive media experience from being interviewed for radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

Dr. Head attended Catholic schools from third grade through two years of college.

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