Our Mission, Principles, and Beliefs

CPEC Mission Statement
The purposes of California Parents for Educational Choice are:
  • to educate the citizens of California about the public benefits which can and will  result  from giving  all California parents (including guardians and other persons  acting  in  loco  parentis)  materially   greater  financial   freedom  to choose whatever school they feel is appropriate for their children
  • to educate  the citizens of California about the benefits to all of society that  will result from this freedom, and
  • to create a public groundswell in favor of parental school choice.
CPEC Statement of Principles and Beliefs  
  • Parents are best qualified to choose their children’s education – not politicians or bureaucrats, or even school board members.
  • All   parents should  have  the freedom  to choose  a  safe,  healthy,  effective educational environment for their children – a choice that is currently available  only through wealth or financial sacrifice.
  • The  law should  not financially penalize parents whose children would benefit from educational pratices not commonly  found in public schools, or who wish to integrate a particular philosophy or religion into their children's education.
  • All  schools will  improve if  we can empower parents to choose their children's education  because  the parents  will be inclined  to demand results rather than accept excuses and to stay involved in the process.
  • Unless  parents  have  more  options   in choosing  private  education  for their children,  the  public school system will  fall  further  and  further  behind  in its efforts to keep up with the growing financial demands of its expanding student population.
  • All children –thus  society  as  a  whole – will  benefit  from parents' right of free choice in education, which we regard as a basic human right.

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