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The above site, dedicated to helping California parents understand their children's public schools, not only contains interesting news and background information itself, but the site also carries extensive references to other resources and websites of interest to parents. Check it out!
The California Department of Education's site with loads of data as well as "spin." A recommendation: Understand that one of the purposes of this site is to sell people the idea that California's public schools are doing just fine and treat the site's information with the appropriate skepticism. In particular, make sure you know the basis for calculating the numbers before your use them.
Click on the button for the Pacific Research Institute's Center for School Reform; and you will find a listing of studies which serve to advance parental choice in education, high academic standards and accountability, charter schools, teacher quality, and school finance reform. The site provides good data for anyone trying to understand what is currently happening in California's public schools, particularly in Northern California.
The California Network of Educational Charters (CANEC) supports the California Charter School Community largely through networking, advocacy, and public relations, and provides valuable Services to it's members. The site and the discussions on its board give the view a feeling for the concerns of charter school developers and operators in California, and for the serious challenges which these folks face in charting the future of their schools.
Click on the Education tab at the website, and you will discover the Heartland Institute's School Reform News, the best publication concerning systemic education reform (including school choice) efforts around the country. Each 24-page issue of School Reform News features an exclusive interview with a key player in the national movement for education reform. The School Reform News is available on-line, and hardcopy subscriptions of the newspaper are free to American residents. The publication appears monthly.
The Milton and Rose D. Friedman Institute for School Choice strives to educate parents, public policy makers and organizations about the desperate need for a shift of power to the disenfranchised parents of America who have limited choices and voices in the education of their children. The Foundation serves as an indispensable resource for parents and community groups who want parental choice in education, and are ready to fight for it.
The California Public Policy Foundation puts out a hard-hitting conservative magazine, the California Political Review, which has proven friendly to school choice issues in the past. One of the most interesting education related articles to have appeared in the magazine over the years is "One Union's War Against Choice" by Paul Ciotti (Fall 1993). You can find this article as a clickable item under the Our Story tab on the CPEC website.
The Institute of Justice, a libertarian public interest law firm specializing in civil liberties cases, has been in the forefront of efforts to protect school choice programs from hostile judicial action. For the status of recent school choice cases, click "Cases" on the home page, hit "Go", and then choose "School Choice" on the drop-down menu. For a rather extensive set of research links, go to "Other Publications" on the drop-down menu on the home page, hit "Go", and then click on "School Choice Research Center."
The mission of Children First America organization is to promote parental choice in education via private tuition grants and tax funded options. The organization is does so by providing (1) a national clearing house for privately funded voucher programs, (2) support services for each of the existing programs, (3) matching grants to help develop such programs, and (4) coordinate development of new programs across America. The website supports these aims, and contains legislative updates, political news, and research on school choice programs.
The Center for Education Reform (CER), based in Washington, D.C., is a national voice for more choices in education and more rigor in education programs. Its site delivers practical, research-based information and assistance to help people working politically to ensure that U.S. Schools are delivering a high quality education for all children in grades K-12.

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