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Amicus Curiae Brief:
American Center for School Choice, "American Christian School Tuition Organization v. Kathleen M. Winn et al."
By Richard W. Garnett, John E. Coons, and the Chairman of the Board of the American Center for School Choice," August 6, 2010

The American Center for School Choice (“ACSC”) is a non-profit corporate entity, founded in 2008 and dedicated to the proposition that meaningful parental choice in education is a moral and civic imperative and serves well the good of children, the good of families, and the good of the political community.(219 kb)

Parents demand, 'Let our children go'
By Alan Bonsteel,Orange County Register, March 24, 2006.

How long should parents allow their children to remain trapped in a failed school? Five years? Two years? One year? (17.6 kb)

"Problems are clear - solution, too"
By Alan Bonsteel M.D., President, California Parents for Educational Choice Orange County Register, August 25, 2004 .

On Aug. 10, the Schwarzenegger administration reached an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union to settle its lawsuit demanding better education for California's neediest students. (11 kb)

Amici Curiae Brief:
"Susan Tave Zelman, Superintendent of Public Instruction of Ohio, et al. v. Doris Simmons-Harris, et al"
By John E. Coons & Stephen D. Sugannan  October Term, 2001.

John E. Coons is the Robert L. Bridges Professor of Law Emeritus and Stephen D. Sugarman is the Agnes Roddy Robb Professor of Law at the University of Califor-nia at Berkeley (Boalt Hall). (132 kb)

"School ruling: You can vouch for it "
By Bruce Adelstein and Alan Bonsteel, Los Angeles Daily News, Sunday June 30, 2002

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school vouchers were constitutional, providing a tremendous victory for schoolchildren and the basis for new voucher legislation throughout the country. (145 kb)

"Court must take kids' side on choice"
by Alan Bonsteel, M.D., Los Angeles Daily News, 24 February 2002

ORAL arguments were heard Wednesday on the most important U.S. Supreme Court decision of the century –one that ranks with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ending of overt racial segregation in our public schools or the amending of the constitution to allow women's suffrage. (110 kb)

"State won't admit blame for schools"
by Alan Bonsteel, M.D., Los Angeles Daily News, 16 December 2001

SINCE late last year the American Civil Liberties Union has been suing the state of California on behalf of millions of children who have been deprived of their constitutional right to an education in California's public schools. (5.35 kb)

"The Separate-but-Equal Doctrine and "Jazz""
by William S. Loughman, April 2001

America has once again been treated to an outstanding documentary film by filmmaker Ken Burns. (9.77 kb)

"A "Defeat" Pointing to Victory for School Choice"
by William S. Loughman, December 12, 2000

On December 11th (2000) the Federal Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit handed school choice advocates a victory disguised as a defeat.(8.74 kb)

"Current Regulation of Private Schools"
By Bruce Adelstein, Attorney-At-Law September 1, 2000

California currently has stringent curriculum requirements for private schools. For grade 1 - 6, a private school must teach English, Mathematics, Social sciences, Science, Visual and performing arts, Health, and Physical education. (148 kb)

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